The Road Less Travelled Has No Potholes

Diarmuid Hudner Picture: Adrian Butler
Diarmuid Hudner
Picture: Adrian Butler

The road less travelled has less potholes. came from an idea in a book. It was less than an idea; it was more of a whisper that we could do things better. So over two and a half years of heartbreak, walletbreak, absolutely no help break and countless kicks in the teeth break, we got it off the ground in January 2016. Cybersmarties is being referred to as revolutionary in how cyber-bullying is being approached: the University of Limerick is independently carrying out analysis on the positive behavioural changes in kids on social media as a result of using CyberSmarties. We are now talking to schools around the globe.

But stopping cyber-bullying is not why we built CyberSmarties… we built it because we believe in creativity… and when one removes the obstacles which hamper and suffocate the human spirits ability to create then only one thing will happen… creativity will flourish. I’m tired of how society is, what we have become and how we have allowed ourselves give up our freedom inch by inch. Being human is being individual, to believe you are playing a part in this world because you have something to contribute. Somehow society has immersed us in a fog of making one believe your opinion is not important, or that having a moral conscience is something to be laughed at, that you should shut up, say nothing, keep it in and go along. We live by one motto here… keep going no matter what happens… it can be a lonely road but one we would rather travel alone than follow the herd in the wrong direction.

CyberSmarties is more about its people than its inventions, because without its people our inventions would mean nothing. They are part of it, it’s a living organism. A closed fist has power… even more so when its opened to reveal its made up of five individual parts. CyberSmarties is just the beginning, we are bringing more ideas to fruition in the next few months they all have one purpose; they are there to help you be creative in your life. They will not make you better looking, or get you a new car, or find you the man or woman of your dreams, but they will help you be creative and think again of how you are important and part of something much bigger than watching the Kardashians.

In the last few weeks we have designed a Safe Educational Social Network for Special Needs Schools.

We want to make it free!

But we need your help.

If you are a company and want to sponsor a school for a year then please get in touch! We are doing our part but we need help!
Please join us on the road less travelled to a better place.

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