Going forward with Real Confidence


Brendan Woodage
Operations at CyberSmarties

“You are not what you eat, you are not what you wear, you are not what you do. You are You”Im Happy Now.Com

If you feared nothing, what kind of person would you become?
If you had all the confidence in the world, what kind of person would you become?

Most people believe that confidence is the overcoming of fear. Yes, if you feared nothing you would be a more confident person, but rejecting and burying fear does not gain you confidence, it gains you momentary and circumstantial bravery. Only though acceptance of fear, can you become a more confident person. Everyone wants to be more confident in one way or another and to understand real confidence you must understand some core elements that we live by here at CyberSmarties. Elements that promote positive thinking, positive behaviour, and positive lives. Elements that we teach the students using CyberSmarties via our positive social network. Over the course of my next three blogs, I will discuss these elements that we actively promote.

Real confidence is not forced.

As much as this may seem a given, real confidence is not forced. In human interaction, conversation, and in a social setting, you can’t just pump yourself up to be confident. Confidence doesn’t work this way. For example, if you were to approach a stranger that you have never spoken to before, you like most people would bury your fear deep inside of you and instil a false sense of confidence by “pumping yourself up” to get you “confident”. But, by swallowing one’s fear, then fear subconsciously gains control of your body. There is a difference between this and acknowledging the fear for the illusion it is, accepting that and moving forward with the confidence now that there is nothing actually to fear.

Real confidence comes from instilling a calm within. Having a calm within is actually a frame of mind which grows from knowing that you are perfect the way you are. At the same time it acknowledges that you have weaknesses, which need to be worked on and overcome rather than being a slave to them. It allows you to own your own emotions and have as much control as possible when entering a new interaction. It also gives you the ability to read and feel another person’s emotions when conversing, as well as the ability to connect with the other person on a deeper, subconscious level. This not only gives you more real confidence with every social interaction with people, but it gives other people more confidence in you, your character, and your abilities.

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